"A strategically structured approach to keep you
growing constantly…"

Vote for Dairo

Age: 30

Height: 6ft

Before stats
Weight: 195 lbs (88.6 kg)
18.8% body fat

After stats
Weight: 174 lbs (79.2 kg)
9.4% body fat

II would say the biggest advantage to following a program is that there is a plan. A plan that isn’t your own is challenging and keeps you pushing beyond your limits and comfort zones. When we ‘wing it’ at the gym without any real purpose we pick what is easy, do the same sets and weight ranges, and we don’t challenge ourselves. That is where I was before: doing what I ‘thought’ was right, but never really changing it up, and I focusing too much on my weight going up, hoping it would change my body.

Seeing the program and specifically that it wasn’t a 30 day plan and that it wasn’t a quick fix, is where the appeal was. It was a strategically structured approach to keep you growing constantly. Knowing that there were also full detailed videos to know exactly what I was doing helped me improve and to keep myself accountable. I wasn't just moving the weight and getting the exercise done, but really maximizing the workout.

I’ve dropped over 9% body fat, which was about 19 pounds (9kgs) of actual mass. I am leaner and more energetic, and I can handle whatever life throws at me a whole lot easier now. Not to mention the obvious confidence improvements that goes with looking a whole lot better. My girlfriend is also quite happy with the new improved me.

Countless people have taken notice and are asking me for advice: How did I do it? What’s the secret?

It all goes back to the basics, which this plan helps you focus on. Too many of us are looking for quick fixes that actually take us on an even longer and not as rewarding path. Have a goal, have a plan, keep focusing on the outcome, dominate!

Having the plan, knowledge and skills from the program, combined with a bit of determination, made it that easy.

Thank you for such an amazing program with epic detailed videos and the constant support and inspiration.

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

Richard John Shanks
Johannesburg, South Africa

"Hypertrophy MAX Gave Me Peace Of Mind!"

Vote for Jay

Age: 28
Height: 180cm
Before weight: 177 lbs
After weight: 167 lbs
Before body fat: 17%
After body fat: 8%

I've been going to the gym for the last 8 years and I can't begin to tell you how frustrating it was to be consistently going year after year and looking the exact same each year that passed by. I suffered from the shiny red ball syndrome. I consistently pinballed from one program to the other.

There is just so much information on the internet you can get overwhelmed and makes you question yourself if you don't start seeing the results you want.

Then I came across Hypertrophy Max.

What you get is a peace of mind knowing EVERYTHING is put in place for you to succeed. Not only are the workouts gold but the information I have learnt from Ben and Vince is easily the best part of the program.

What it made me realise is that I knew NOTHING about training. Ben is a genius when it comes to the function of the human body. The way he explains how to execute each movement is INVALUABLE. You could be doing the best program design in the world but it is useless unless you're executing each movement with INTENT. It has made me THINK instead of just going through the motions while working out.

I had previosly been skinny fat my entire life and figured it was just genetics and nothing was going to change that. Hypertrophy Max as shown me I was just taking the easy way out. In only 4 months I have dropped 9% bodyfat while gaining 6 lbs of muscle.

I now have so much more confidence in myself in and outisde of the gym. I honestly owe it all to Ben and Vince for showing me that anything is possible if you're willing to put in the work and I can't wait to see what the next 8 months brings!

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

Jay Elliott
Sydney, Australia

"With The Expert Guidance of Vince and Ben,
I Was Able To WOW the Judges!"

Vote for Brandon

Quick Stats

Age: 28
Height: 6'2" – 184 cm
Weight: Off Season: 210 to 215 lbs, 10-11% body-fat
Competition Stats: 193 lbs, 5% body-fat

I have been working out for several years now, with fairly mediocre results. I never really knew the function of the muscle and how to properly activate it. I was just pushing a weight from A to B hoping for results and bigger muscles.

I was still bigger than most guys, but definitely not where I wanted to be.

Then it was one thing after another. MI40 and then Hypertrophy M.A.X. Never before have I come across such an amazing program!

Amazing set of instructional DVDs and program design! Finally I was able to learn proper form, tempo, rep ranges, set ranges, muscle activation, etc. all in a quest to build a well-sculpted physique.

With all of the expert guidance and support, Vince and Ben take all the guess work out of gaining muscle WHILE losing fat...

In the 12-weeks, I was preparing for my first fitness competition. With the expert guidance of Vince and Ben, I was able to get 2nd place…and next year, I am brining home the gold!

I was able to decrease my body fat by 4% (10% down to 6%)

Vince and Ben have everything down to a science to optimize muscle growth and anabolic environment to build muscle while losing fat. You can't argue with science. It just works. Thanks!

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

Brandon Crowe
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"This is turning out to be a career changer"

Vote for Joe

Age: 37

Height: 174

Before stats
Weight: 87 kg

After stats
Weight: 77 kg

Hypertrophy MAX has given me hope that a person can transform his body without compromising family life. In fact, I am enjoying quality time with my family and 3 kids much better than earlier. Reasons are plenty:

  • I am able to run around with kids for longer duration as I won’t get exhausted
  • I can carry my kids around rather than find reasons to leave them at home.
  • Earlier, all job related stress used to impact me at home and I was short tempered. Now, everyone finds me jovial
  • Gaining confidence to attend parties and social gatherings.
  • Able to wear latest trendy clothes without pain of holding stomach inside whenever ladies approach.

The biggest obstacles I faced before starting HMAX were:

  • Shortage of time due to office workload (used to work 12 hrs daily)
  • Family of 3 kids
  • When I became member of this program, my 3rd kid was just born. Lot of constraints to hop from office –home-hospital
  • Fear of getting injured as I never did proper weight training

My frustrations were:

  • Unable to withstand the sight of my manboobs and potbelly despite dieting and starving. I refrained from walking shirtless even at home.
  • Expensive equipment like Ab-circle pro & threadmills which wasted my time and money.
  • Even though just in 30’s, people thought I was middle aged.
  • Unable to climb stairs more than 2 floors without struggle (heavy panting!!)
  • Cannot carry my new born baby for long as hands started paining (this was an agonizing moment).

I was totally frustrated and decided to stop taking resolutions every new year but act immediately. I received an email from Dr. Charles (Fatlossfactor.com) about M.A.X Hypertrophy. Initially, I thought this program is only for those who have been into years of weight training and hence, ignored. However, on detailed review, I found this is the best opportunity for me to achieve my single largest goal: Losing weight and adding lean muscles at the same time.

After reading about VINCE & BEN in various articles, I felt assured that my investment (both time and money) is with safe hands. Hence, I paid for the 12 months volume at once at the beginning itself. I was criticized by my wife for spending such huge money without even knowing it which obviously given me tense moments. However, on receipt of the materials and the simple descriptions in it, made us feel this is the right program. In fact, the bonus videos (MI40 etc +primer phase) received was game- changer as I could practice the weight training basics and be ready before the materials were received.

Due to the positive response on this program, I am a regular follower of VINCE’s emails and also forward to my friends as I’m sure they can also benefit like me. I had also purchased the “skinnylicious cooking” from FLAVIA for my family due to this immense confidence.

I achieved the following results with HMAX:

  • Arms are in shape with visible Biceps & triceps
  • Waist size reduced from 37 inches to 33 inches.
  • Weight reduced from 89 kg flab to 77 kg lean muscles.
  • Hamstrings and calf muscles in shape
  • Dumbbells: struggled to lift 2.5 kg properly. Now I am regularly training on 10kg.
  • Benchpress: struggled to lift above 10kg. Now I am training with above 30kgs.
  • Can climb stairs at one go without any difficulty and even while carrying kids. In fact, I ignore the lift nowadays.

This is turning out to be a career changer as I am focusing on long term to start my own local health club. From a nobody, I feel I am living for a purpose and I can help other family persons like me to transform their life. Due to this, I am getting less worried about job security thereby helping me work stress free and spent quality time with my family.

People should know even having so much obstacles as mentioned above, if you enter into the right program, everything will change. This program is not just for professionals whose entire focus is on body building career but even for normal family men like me.

Whilst an award at this stage will be a big motivator for me and family, Irrespective of the results, I will continue my journey till I achieve my goals as I know I'm on the right track.

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

Joe Jose,
Bangalore, India

"Lost Over 15% Body Fat!"

Vote for James

Age: 28
Height: 5'10"
Before weight: 176lb
After weight: 148lb
Before bodyfat: 25% +
After bodyfat: Sub 10%

Hypertrophy max has taught me many useful tools but one of the most important was daily discipline. Because I had it all mapped out for me I did not miss a single day in the gym, a single exercise or a single rep. Before when I’ve gone from my own plans I’d get to leg day and decide to throw in another arm day or whatever. Even the days I felt I was too tired or a little overtrained (this program is tough so far!) I found a way and ultimately my body had no choice but to adapt, in the best possible way!

I’ve always suffered in the past with wondering whether what I was doing was right. It was all guess work, all doubt, wondering if my hard work was in the right direction. Hypertrophy max gave me the right direction, all it asked of me was that I followed it and put in the work.

Vince and Ben have a very strong internet presence and I respect and trust their advice for different reasons. The HP max program was exactly what I was looking for, a well thought out program from two people who’s results are clear for all to see. The excitement of receiving the first month was incredible I am almost embarrassed to say! The content was interesting and I found myself sat there with a pen and paper making notes. After the first DVD I was hooked and knew this was going to be a year long project, I am not embarrassed to say I still have the same level of excitement in anticipation of the next month dropping through the mail!

This is the first time in my life I have seen my abs. I could’t even tell you the shape of them, how many I had, nothing. Turns out I have an 8 pack! As a child I was always the average, middle of the road, neither fat nor lean type. As I grew older I discovered alcohol, nights out and takeaways. The results of overindulging weren’t average, now I was the ‘fat guy’, when I saw my Mum & Dad I’d get the ‘We’re concerned about your weight’ conversation. But that’s way in my past, my before photo’s, believe it or not, are the result of years of training and dieting. Years of training and dieting in the WRONG direction and without goals. People who don’t know my past think I am genetically gifted, that I was the kid who had the 6 pack and ate what he wanted, that I was just born lucky. Thats the impact it’s had on my physique, propelling me into a realm I never thought possible.

The biggest challenge for me through this was mentally, and whilst my body changed dramatically I’d argue the greatest change happened between my ears. Everyday I would battle with thoughts of feeling I wasn’t worthy of looking how I wanted, it wasn’t possible for someone with my genetics, and that a takeaway pizza is only a phone call away. I was adamant that if I was paying for this program I was ‘all in’ and I’d fight these thoughts with actions. I found the more I’d take action and follow the program to the letter, the more my mind would get on my side. A mental shift was taking place without me realizing and my self esteem and confidence began to increase almost daily. Fast forward to now and I am making decisions I never thought I’d be making, I feel worthy of being lean and worthy of being successful. It’s inspired me to grow more as a person in more ways than just how I look.

I’ve many months to go on this program and I already know two things.
1. My physique will be the best it’s been.
2. My life will too

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

James Walkington,
Lytham St Annes (UK)

"Going from AVERAGE to the BEST"

Vote for Ben

Age: 36

Height: 178 cm

Before stats
Weight: 87 kg
LBM 72.21
17% body fat

After stats
Weight: 83 kg
LBM 75.53
9% body fat

2014 has honestly been the best year of my life in terms of health and fitness and achieving my physique goals. As you can see I’ve made some significant physical changes over time and I have big plans moving forward.

My life prior to H.M.A.X training was ok, but it was stagnant. Everyone faces their own demons and challenges and I had my fair share. Getting up to go to a ‘job’ that I didn’t love 5 days a week, not having the body I desired, wanting to be able to spend more time with my children and wife, always feeling tired. I know things could be worse, but I’d lost that ‘SPARK’ that I used to carry at a younger age and I didn’t like who I was. I felt like I was just ‘cruising’ through life but not ‘living’ life so to speak. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something was amiss.

The past year had it’s fair share of challenges, while being blessed to have 2 beautiful children (18 months apart in age, 3 and 18 months old) there’s no doubt it’s freaking hard work on that has and will always be a great personal test! My wife having to go back to work 3 days a week as well to help financially made things challenging, especially with the children as we want to provide them with an amazing life and being there as a parent is so important but the grind of life has slowly taken hold. Also we’re living with my Mother in law (who I adore and it’s created a special bond between us all) while we get our finances back on track, but there’s always that voice in the back of your mind telling you you’re a bit of a failure for doing so.

Anyways, I’m a big believer in everything happens for a reason, and I remember to this day coming across your program. I’d never heard of either of you as I hadn’t been involved in the industry. I was literally doing a few training sessions a week at the local gym in class work (Boxing, circuits, TRX etc) and no weights. Focusing on just getting fit and burning fat. You know, the typical uneducated approach to the game.

After reading through your free download (I think it was the 6 tips to maximising hypertrophy) I was hooked on the world of physical change and wanted to learn more. It presented a challenge and a great learning opportunity. I love learning, it’s one of my favourite things in life especially those that are backed by science and action. I’m a very passionate person as well and felt that passion was something that had been lacking in life of recent times and I figured now could be a turning point to start on my journey to become the best MAN (father, husband, friend, son, brother etc) I can be. I believe it starts with a healthy looking physique and mind that leads to confidence and ‘ownership’ of life.

So with this as my catalysts I decided to join the program, and I’ll be honest at this stage in life, dropping $100/month on a training program was a little tough at first as it was all new, the wife wasn’t stoked and no one really understood why, but you know what – “You gotta pay if you wanna play.” After that first week of training I was hooked. I loved that each month there were new learning’s, new challenges and new ways to look at the world of physical changes.

I am now more dedicated to this space than ever and so much so that this year I completed my CERT IV PT licence, a nutrition course through the Health Sciences Academy for nothing more than just learning. I’ve then applied everything I learn to my training and nutrition and love just how adaptive the body truly is.

Since starting this journey, I’ve had a lot of feedback from friends and family who say I’m completely ‘obsessed’ but I have noticed they’re now asking me about a lot of questions around health, fitness and lifestyle. I love that everyday I learn something new, and everyday presents a new challenge. You see I’ve been a competitive person since a child and always been into sports and activities, however as I’ve grown older I’d slowly lost that edge. The last competitive piece was racing Ironman Triathlons back in my mid 20’s.

Over the past 12 months I’ve built up that INNER BEAST/FIRE back up into a roaring energy that has plenty of room for more. I now have a competition every single day – against ME. I compete in the gym, at the park even in the kitchen with nutrition.

I love that I now understand more about the world of training and what impact that has on the bigger aspects of life and am working on sharing that with everyone around me.

From a pure physical change aspect, I have more strength and energy than I’ve ever had. I look great for a 36 year old with 2 kids, so much so that I love it when I get to show up a young early to mid 20 year old!

I could go on for longer, but need to keep it tight.

Thank you both for this awesome eye-opening experience and helping me re-ignite that inner passion that so many men and women lose over time. It’s now a goal of mine to help other realise that they can re-ignite that Inner Beast as well!

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

Ben Salkeld
Sydney Australia

"The Guys Do Some Things That Are Totally Against "Conventional Wisdom" But Actually Get Results!"

Vote for Darragh

As a trainer I signed up to Hypertrophy Max as much to learn from the pros as well as to put on some muscle. After 16 weeks I am nearly 7lbs heavier and much leaner/ stronger. If I had of committed to the program more I would have got much better results but playing football throughout much of the program prevented that. The program is excellent for anyone who is serious about their training.
You will learn more in the DVD and monthly newsletter than any "Personal Training" course out there. The guys do some things that are totally against "Conventional Wisdom" but actually get results"

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now



"I Know Have The Ability To Bring Up My Weakest Body Parts…"

Vote for Tom


Hello Ben and Vince!

First off, thank you both for an outstanding program! The information contained within the written materials and DVD's has been absolutely priceless. The interviews with the people that contributed to the program blew me away. Their willingness to share their knowledge with you, and us, was worth the price of the program in itself. Thank you so much for the effort you both put into this!

I must say that it was not an easy program. The protocols that were set out, along with the expectations were some of the highest I'd ever experienced. I had a rough time at several places in the program with injuries. I re-started the program several times and at one point to be honest I thought my days were done. Listening to doctors give you there best advice didn't help, and being treated by some that shouldn't be treating people also didn't do much for progress. However, being the type of person that doesn't back away from a challenge made me reach into places that I never thought existed. There was NO way I could give up! And now, thank goodness I feel great, other than the day to day aches and pains....I was able to put a solid 4 months together!

I've been lifting for quite awhile now, however, lifting with intention is a whole different way of doing things. That, is the learning part. Once I mastered that (if you can ever master that) it took things to a whole different level. It's amazing how much tension and lactic acid one can produce with strict form, and tension, created with intention.

Another note worth mentioning is how much comedy there is in a gym watching guys pretend to workout.....its more like a dance class than anything.....amazing how 90% of guys have it totally wrong...their form sucks! Watching the DVD's were hilarious ...thanks for the added bonus guys!

I can honestly say that doing the HyperMax Program has given me the best physique of my life. It has given me the ability to bring up all of my body parts,... noticeably. It has given me the tools to keep myself extremely fit, and to have an attractive physique, and I see no reason that I can't continue to make progress for along time to come!!

Again, I have to thank Ben and Vince for their efforts, two very credible guys that walk their walks and give everything they have to give, without holding out or holding back.

To share with you some of the changes in my stats with HyperMax.....is as follows. My weight starting was 174lbs and now I am still 174lbs. The difference I think is obvious.

Arms before 16" after 17 1/4"
Chest before 48" after 52"
Waist before 34 1/2 after 32
Thighs before 19" after 20"
Age 57
Height 5'8"

I closing, whoever you may be, reading this letter, if you have ever wanted to better yourself in all aspects of your life, the information and guidance that is provided by Ben and Vince in the Hypertrophy Max program is first class! You needn't look any further and I can absolutely guarantee you that the price of admission is worth every penny. When you put in the effort, the tools provided here will help you every step of the way!

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

hank you again Ben and Vince, I'm grateful for your sharing!

Tom Bodrovics

"I Used To Plateau All The Time, Until Now…"

Vote for Dwight


Before stats - Jan 27th 14
Weight: 215lbs
Waist: 40"

After stats - May 4th 14
Weight: 182lbs
Waist: 32.5"

The hypertrophy max program has had an enormous impact on my life. The knowledge I have gained about exercise technique, working muscles through full range of motion, tempo, intentions and periodization has been incredible. I have been working out for years but it has always been one step forward then I would plateau get frustrated stop working out for awhile, regress start working out again get back to where I was and plateau again and the cycle would continue. I knew and read about periodization but didn't really know how to implement it into my routine. I just seemed to do the same workouts that I was familiar with and use to doing. Unknown to me at the time but looking back it's easy to see why I would plateau. My workouts needed to be periodized every 4-6 weeks. Some workout variable needed to change to elicit new growth in my body.

With Ben and Vince's H-max everything is laid out. The monthly workout DVD's are an excellent resource to make sure you are doing the exercises properly and the workouts have periodization built right in. All you have to do is follow the program. I have never come across such an in-depth workout program. It covers everything from diet, the workouts, technique, supplementation, tempo, cardio, motivation and mindset. The program really is fantastic. There is nothing left to chance. Ben and Vince cover everything.

My body really started responding when I started phase 7 (Chest specialization ). I decided the end of January to enter blue star's neutraceutical's transformation contest. I had heard Ben and Vince and other people say that one of the best ways to hold yourself accountable was to enter a transformation contest. I also heard Ben and Vince talk about how important goal setting was and that everyone should set goals and actually write them on paper and re-read them often. I have to admit I didn't think this would matter but I was wrong. One of the goals I set and wrote down for myself was that I wanted to get down to 190lbs and be able to visibly see my Abs. I also heard Vince say on several occasions how what gets measured gets managed. So I got the my fitness pal app and started measuring and weighting my food and tracking my calories very closely. I also started incorporating the juicing recipes from Vince's Get Juiced book.

Within two weeks of making these changes I started seeing excellent results. My before weight on Jan 27th was 215lbs and my waist was 40". My after weight on May 4th was 182lbs and my waist was 32.5". All I can say is thank you Ben and Vince. This is a little outside my comfort zone to talk about myself but my wife posted my frontal view before and after photos on her Facebook page and the comments that people have been giving me have been unbelievable. My old friends from high school are asking what program I'm following and how did i get in such good shape. Several people said they were going to start working out again and look into the H-MAX program. It really was a surreal experience. Again I was skeptical about putting pics of me topless on Facebook but my wife convinced me and I'm glad she did. If I can motivate a few people to make positive changes in their lives then thats a great accomplishment.

I am a 35 year old shift worker. I am an heavy equipment operator and work 12hr shifts 3 day shifts then 3 night shifts then I get 6 days off. Not your typical Monday to Friday job lol. I leave for work at 6:20am and don't get home till 7:30pm at night and vice versa when I'm on nights. I have two boys Cameron 4 and Riley 8. So as you can imagine life can get very busy and stressful on times. But if you plan and prepare anything is possible. I prepare all my meals for work on my last day off because when I'm working there is little time. I also have to get up at 4am when I'm on day shifts to fit my workouts in. Its the only way to fit my workouts in when working. I do all of my workouts at home in my garage so that saves me time travelling to gym especially in -40 degree winter. Plus I like the fact that my kids see me working out all the time and hopefully be a role model for them. My 8 year old often times is my spotter (Except for 4am workouts lol) and my 4 year old son was out with me the other day and he wanted me to make up a program for him to follow. Start him out young (watch out B PAK) I think his form is better than Branch Warren's already lol.

I remember complaining to my wife one day that I have never been able to see my abs. She said Dwight you just don't have the body type to see your abs. I know she was trying to make me feel better that it was ok not to be able to see your abs but the fact of the matter was I wanted to see my abs. Will all I can say is thank you Ben and Vince you really have changed my life. For the first time in my life I can now see my abs. For anyone wanting to achieve their goals whether its to build muscle or lose fat listen to Ben and Vince. They know what they are talking about. I wish I had come across a program like H-MAX and Ben and Vince 20 years ago!

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

Dwight Melvin Decker,
Fort McMurray, Alberta

"HMAX helped change the way I viewed training and nutrition…"

Vote for Paul

Age: 23

Height: 168 cm / 5'7

Before stats
Weight: 75 kg
9.8% body fat

After stats
Weight: 81.5 kg
7.1% body fat

HMAX helped change the way I viewed training and nutrition all together and opened my eyes to the vast knowledge that was out there. After the results I had with mi40 and Ben's and Kassem's PEC I knew I had to continue the gains with HMAX

My main challenges before joining were trying to stay lean in my offseason and bringing up my lagging body parts which I found hard to contract.

The result: I put on over 6kg of lean muscle while losing bodyfat!! Strength gains went through the roof with the double day training. Deadlift went from 130 to 180, bench 120 to 135 and squat from 125 to 145.

As I am a personal trainer myself, HMAX has given me knowledge that I have instilled into my clients and helped them get great results.

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

Paul Vu
Perth, Australia

"What I wouldn't give to have this knowledge back in my early 20's!"

Vote for Anthony

Age: 30

Height: 182 cm

Before stats
Weight: 96 kg
18% body fat

After stats
Weight: 86 kg
13%-14% body fat

I haven't had the greatest fitness and physique. When I was in high school, I was never overweight but my fitness was terrible, I played soccer but couldn't run a field without huffing and puffing.

When I first got bit by the fitness bug back in 2007, I managed to drop from 95kg to 75kg in 6 months. It was a great achievement and was so proud of what I had achieved and my confidence soared. I didn't achieve my 6 pack, but I was close. But as we all know, beginner gains don't last and I struggled to transform as well after this. I attempted to gain muscle from here using the mainstream bulking methods and gained plenty of fat. Subsequent bulking and cutting phases yielded poor results.

Skip a few years forward to when I first discovered Vince on the internet and youtube. Jumped on his mailing list and learned a few things. But it wasn't until I discovered MI40 that I found my potential. I managed to put on several kgs of mass with little or not fat following the guidelines. I knew from then on, I found my 2 resources for information that I would hold in high regard.

Jumping onto HMAX was daunting because of the price tag, but the knowledge I've gained and been well exceeded and keeping paying off. I've had setbacks with both finance and other commitments which has caused some drain on my confidence and motivation. But sticking to the guidelines and listening to my body, I think I have finally hit my stride. What I wouldn't give to have this knowledge back in my early 20's. What a killer body and mindset I would have :)

I believe that my fitness goals are so close and can't wait to progress further with my role models.

I also can't wait until March to finally meet Ben at the first Arnold in Australia so I can thank a mentor responsible for my growth(physically and mentally).

Thank you both for the opportunity to be a part of this community and thank you for the opportunity to be rewarded for my hard work.

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

Anthony Mantarro
Sydney Australia

"HMAX is like a university education on muscle building…"

Vote for Kyle


My name is Kyle Gall from Regina Sask Canada. I am 29 years old and only started lifting after my hip replacement surgery 2.5 years ago. When I started out my goal was to rehabilitate my hip not to build muscle. After a year of rehab I decided that I wanted look like I lifted weights since I put so much time into the gym. It has always been a dream of mine to look like a bodybuilder I just couldn't do it with my bone disease. So I looked for the best trainers out there and found Vince and Ben. I liked what they where offering, a no BS scientific way do building muscle.

Well to say that I am happy with my results is an understatement. I have added 25-30 pounds of muscle this year while loosing fat at the same time. I added 4 inches to my quads, 4 inches to my chest, 2 inches to my arms and my delts have started to poop like never before. I gained 10 pounds in 16 weeks while cutting fat. This is what I was able to accomplish using phase 4-7 Max volume, Max intensity, Max Frequency, and Max Pecs. I really made a lot of gains during Max Frequency and it was a fun month.

The one thing I gained from this program is the one thing I was really looking for. This is something other fitness pro don't talk about but I feel is really important. How to perform each exercise properly and what to think about while preforming the lift. To many people just train movements without training muscles. I wanted a program that didn't just have my going through the motions. I have never found a more detailed scientific approach to muscle building than H-Max.

This was worth every dollar spent. This is like a university education on muscle building.

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

Kyle Gall,
Regina Sask, Canadaa

"I Got Incredible Results And Lost 33 lbs!"

Vote for Matthew Madill

Before:5'7" 208lbs 25% body fat
After: 5'7" 175lbs 7.5% body fat

I got incredible results following Vince's techniques for eating and training when on hypertrophy max! I am a real person with real results. Living proof that hard work and determination to succeed are worth the battle!

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now


Matthew Madill

"In Less Than Six Months, I Put On Over 30 Pounds of Muscle!"

Vote for Vinnie

Age: 19
Height: 5'11"
B+A weight: 149lbs before, 182lbs after
Body fat % before 8.2% bodyfat after 9.9%

Only six months ago, I was known as one of the skinniest kids in the neighborhood. I was close to six feet tall, and only 149 pounds…pretty sad. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was only 12. The doctor told me and my family that I had no hope, and would be an asthma victim for the rest of my life. I could not believe it. Why me? I refused to accept my fate, and that is where my journey begins.

I knew there had to be light somewhere at the end of the tunnel. Many months of sleepless nights went by because I was not able to breathe. I overdosed on my asthma medication more times than I wish to think about, but finally 2 years later I was cured. Still being deathly skinny, I decided it was time I did something about it. I spent hours researching online for the right person to train me. I did many of the popular programs out there. I would gain maybe a pound per month, only to lose what I had worked so hard for a month later. Finally I found them--yes you know who I am talking about, Vince del Monte and Ben Pakulski. After working with them for only six months I gained 4x more weight than I had in 6 years! I am witnessing myself grow at an unbelievable rate, going from 149 pounds all the way to 182 pounds and putting on 14 pounds of solid muscle in the first month! Literally every person that I know has told me how much bigger I am and acknowledged how much I've changed. The best part of all this is that this is only the beginning, and I know I will pack on another 30 pounds with ease thanks to all the knowledge, training and support I get from Vince and Ben.

You see I could have just given up and accepted the "fact" that my life was going to be ruined. According to all the doctors and nurses I might as well accept defeat, but that is not what life is about. You've got to be persistent. Overcome any obstacles that come your way, and if an ex-asthmatic, drugged-up, skinny little twig can do it so can you!

Aside from learning to better my technique, improve my nutrition and supplement intake, I learned to look at whatever comes at you with a positive view. No matter how horrible something may seem, there is always a good reason for it.

My biggest obstacle was not being able to put on weight. I'd work my butt of for months to put on a few pounds, only losing what I had worked for a month later. Now with Hypertrophy MAX I can consistently put on as much weight as I want, whenever I

Well what motivated me to take action was the fact that I had loved the material and coaching I received from MI40. That program was amazing, but the wonderful coaching and the HypertrophynMAX forum and material in Hypertrophy MAX is like none other, and of course Vince and Ben's helpdesk/service team is top-notch.

One thing this program has given me is respect. People actually come up to the former skinny kid, and ask for advice. They ask what I'm taking, eating, what's the best way to do X, Y, Z etc. I've always wanted to be able to help people achieve their physique goals, and now that I'm successfully putting on some serious size, I'm able to help.

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

Vinnie Leone
Mountain Home, AR, USA

"My Wife Told Me I Got Better Looking During These 4 Months!"

Vote for Aimo

Age: 75
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Before weight: 81,5 kg (179.5 lbs)
After Weight: 78.5 kg (172.9 lbs)
Bef.BF% 22%
Aft. BF% 8%

I achieved from this program a lot of satisfaction and joy, because I realized once more, how important it is do best I can to achieve my goals. Determination is very important, but active work is demanded to fulfill our dreams. I have learned to be doing my best to go on getting better inside my limits and further to break all obstacles, that were put in front of our development. Life is a very interesting journey. It is the only thing, that we have. Let us get the best of it from day to day.

This is a rather expensive program to a modest pension, which I have earned. But I thought, that it is worth trying to hang on as long as possible , to get the most out of the new program.

Also my age made me hesitate to take part in the program. I had taken the MI40, but later got sick and lost almost all, that it gave to me, was fat with a ball-stomach and frustrated and doubting my possibilities to raise up once more.

What I have been reading and hearing from Vince and Ben, made me very motivated to do, what I thought, was and is the best coaching, that I know. I have seen the results in their own bodies and success. They both are the best examples to make anyone sure, that what they have done and what they tell people to do, is best testimony for anyone willing to follow their advice. They were giving information of the HMAX-program in advance, so that I became convinced of, that something extraordinary would take place in the near future, and I wanted to be a modest part of it all.

About my own results with my physique, I am glad to tell you, that although I am now 75 years old, old man, as they say, I have got back a lot of my past enthusiasm to go on
receiving more strength and health, muscular "tone" and stamina. I never was a very strong man, but it is nice to feel being a pretty strong old man rather than a sick and tuttering old age person. I put on my squatting records 3 times during this program. Not much in total weight, but still my lifelong record: 15 repetitions with 150 kg ( 330 lbs ). If possible to go on livingand being healthy, this record probably will be beaten many times during the coming months.

Like Ben once told us, we have so many things to be thankful for... This program surely is a lifesaver to anyone wanting to join us, who have received so many blessings through it.

One thing, that made me happy, was the nice compliment, that I received from my dear wife. She told me, that I had become a lot more good looking during these 4 months of HMAX program. No more ball-belly, broader and stronger looking shoulders and narrower waist, and a better bearing. She has also been very confused, because she has seen deeper striations on my thighs.

If I only wanted to enjoy alone quietly of my new success, I would be very ashamed of myself, for a reason. I want, if I can, to set a good and very realistic example in front of any non training man, young or old. Please, do what I am doing, to be healthy, stronger and happier, with a rewarding purpose of your life. I know, that I am not alone.
There are thousands of other people, who take good care of their body and mind, moving their body against resistance. They also eat good food and give themselves enough rest and variation in their lives.

Good communication between people is very important, too. Both Vince and Ben are good examples in this. They really are very clever and communicate with great effect to our common benefit. I have noticed, that on this Forum of HMAXers, there are other very nice and warmhearted, intelligent persons, who are always encouraging and thanking others for any,even smaller improvements in their development. I want to get acquainted better with them by taking part and giving my best thoughts and encouragement to as many of them as I possibly can. What about you my friend?

Lately I have been in a better, very joyful mood. I have my own positive thought about having received so much positive feed-back from other people across the Atlantic and all over the world. Thanks to all never before seen friends. I hope, that we are going to meet in the future somewhere, either by videos or from eye to eye, hand in hand. Thank you all, my friends. Your nice words are so important to read and remember.

( If there will raise interest, I will be more than glad to tell more about my life, my private training facilities and perhaps put my dear wife to make a video about my training. That is a very demanding task to both of us, so would need a nice short handscript and other advice, how to do it. My way of nourishing myself might also be of interest.)

Thank you all, Be Happy and Prosper.

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

Aimo Ruoho
Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain

"Hypertrophy MAX Has Helped Me Change
My physique And My lifestyle"

Vote for Aladdine


My name is Aladdine Rafei from Mohammedia City in Morocco.

I am 25 Yo and I measure 186 cm.

I was weighting 76 Kg and I am currenly at 83 Kg.

I started at 10-12% BF range and am still there.

This program has helped me change my physique but also my lifesetyle in general. I live and preach an Hmax lifestyle ( healthy, educated in fitness and generously sharing with as many people as possible to EDUCATE AND DOMINATE).

Gaining some decent size , I have always been afraid of carbs, literally afraid never used them properly. I also have never heard of bio mechanics and training with science before and that’s in my opinion is the biggest gain I made from investing in HMAX. I have been following vince and then ben and each one of them apart was giving awesome insides about fitness lifestyle ( not only training , but also how to apply all that in a day to day life) . then I heard they actually work together in a program so I was pretty sure it won’t be anything but AWESOME.

Today, I can say with all modesty that I have made a big step toward the body I wan to achieve. But what I value the most (I am repeating my self but this is what I think is important) is all the science behind and the way they teach it.

I actually gained 6kgs in 4 months, 10 kgs in 8 months and kept almost the same body fat level, meaning that a grat deal of the gains are pure muscle. So proud of that.

I'm more than happy to share my pictures if they can motivate more people to enrol and help them change their physique, lifestyle, and LIFE in general. This program changed not only my physique but my whole life. I went from being a skinny fat dude, to a decent looking person with a decent knowledge about nutrition and training that I learned through HMAX and Hmax forums. Today I have created a fitness-page where I help people in my country to access the knowledge I have been lucky to access. And that’s ALL THNX TO YOU GUYS , SO THANK you again.

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Aladdine Rafei
Mohammedia City, Morocco

"I have achieved my goal and won my first competition…"

Vote for Husein

Age: 23

Height: 175

Before stats
Weight: 63 kg
12% body fat

After stats
Weight: Phase 6: 75kg Phase 12: 78kg*
Body fat: Phase 6: 14% Phase 12: 6.5%*

*Frome phase 8 I had to diet down for my competition

This program gave me many things that I have learned throughout my weight lifting career. It gave me goals to set, patience and a new mind set to see things differently from different perspective not just in the gym but on my lifestyle. It made me think smarter on how to train hard in a quickest way and I have benefited greatly with this program as its seen that I have won my bodybuilding completion for under 70kg open men category thanks to this program.

Biggest obstacle I had was timing, as a university student I had hard time putting gym in my schedule especially on how I use to train for at least 1hr & half without seeing much results and same exercises week in week out. When I started this program I was out of the gym in less than an hour & in some phases about 45min and the amount of work I did it felt like I trained for 2hrs! It was incredible & I have enjoyed every bit of this program!

It is my pleasure to be trained by one of the best bodybuilder in the world Ben & one of the best fitness model Vince in this program. Not only the amount of great information I learned while watching the dvd’s for the exercises but the inside stories in the phase catalogues & how to develop a great mind set within this catalogues to think like a pro & have a wider broader understanding of everything around me and this has helped me set great goals in my gym life and the outside world.

Within the 8months of starting this program I had developed about 12kg of muscle with my fat% gaining about 2% from original (12% to 14%). Then I had to concentrate on losing weight to be considered in the less than 70kg competition, so I dropped about 7kgs & lost 7.5% within 4 months of dieting. I have achieved my goal and won my first competition thanks to you guys & hopefully I will be determined to go up a category next year in the under 80kgs completion and it will be a good goal for me to achieve if I follow this program again.

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

Husein Al Shakarji
Townsville, Australia

"Things Have Changed Dramatically Since Finding Vince and Ben"

Vote for Lucas

Hypertrophy Max has been a complete game changer for me. I have been working out for a few years with negligible results. Any steps forward I took were lost by setbacks like shoulder and back injuries due to bad lifting form and ego lifting. "Bro science", as Ben and Vince have put it, ruled my workouts, and I got nowhere.

Things have changed dramatically since finding Vince DelMonte and Ben Pakulski. I knew right away that a year long program was going to benefit me more than any month long workout found in a magazine, leaving you asking "now what?" when you finished it.

The investment for Hypertrophy Max was sizable, but the knowledge I've gained from Ben and Vince, and the experience they've brought to us and shared, has been more than worth the price of the program. Hypertrophy Max has completely changed the way I lift, the form I use, and the mentality I take into the gym. I started out weighing 150 pounds at 8% body fat with a weak back and hurting shoulder. 4 months into Hypertrophy Max, I weigh 159 pounds at 7% body fat, with my back and shoulder being stronger than ever.

If you want to put on healthy size using real science and the invaluable knowledge and experience of Ben and Vince, make the investment in Hypertrophy Max for your life and health. The results are every bit worth the investment.

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Lucas Thomas
Oklahoma City, OK

"It's The Best Program You Can Get…"

Vote for Dairo


I've been training with weights for almost 8 years but as everybody else I was doing it wrong. I started to follow Vince & Ben advices regarding training and nutrition and every started to change. I decided to buy the MI40 program the minute it came out and it showed me a total new way to train. I just loved it. Then H-MAX came out and revolutionised everything. It's just the best program you can get, tons of knowledge together. It helped me to change my body from toes to head.


Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

Dairo Davila
Mexico City

"Sick and Nearly Dead To Bodybuilder!"

Vote for Adam


My name is Adam Broad. I'm 28 with an amazing wife and 2 beautiful children. I was born with a congenital heart condition. I've had 3 major open heart surgeries with another one due in the next few years.

Bodybuilding has been a passion for me for quite some time now and so I decided to have a go at competing. The photos I have decided to send are 14 weeks apart prepping for a show using HyperTrophy MAX methods and MI40 methods. Also a photo of when I had my last open heart operation. Went from 16% body fat to 4.3% body fat.

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Adam Broad

"I Was Able To Get To My Leanest And Best Shape Ever"

Vote for Andy

I'm Andy Baxter from New Albany, Indiana. I am 5' 8" and 35 years old and started lifting about one year ago at the launch of MI40. I had little to no knowledge concerning bodybuilding and at the time only wanted to compete against my brother. After MI40 I wasn't sure where to go with my training. I learned so much through MI40 and Live Large TV, but I still didn't quite have the knowledge to put together my own program. Now I was hungry to learn more. I just knew when Hypertrophy MAX was launched that it would be the best program available. The monthly manuals and videos were amazing. I have already learned so much about my body and how to manipulate the variables. Hypertrophy MAX has exceeded my expectations! The weekly habits have helped me go beyond changes in my physique. They have set life long habits that have changed every aspect of my life. I am now looking into pursuing a career in the fitness industry.

I have always had a hard time estimating my body fat percentage. That has been a big bonus to H-MAX. If you were to ask me what my BF% was before I would have said around 12%. After using this program for 16 weeks I will say.... NOT! It was closer to 17%. I was able to get to my leanest and best shape ever.(Around 8%!) My biggest improvements were to my back. You can see from my pictures that my back just exploded. I had noticeable increases each and every week. I am looking forward to any and all of these materials being used by Ben & Vince in the future.

Before After
Calf 16 inches 16 inches
Quad 23 3/4 inches 24 1/4 inches
Waist 33 1/2 inches 31 inches
Chest/Back 42 1/4 inches 43 1/4 inches
Shoulders 50 3/4 inches 50 1/2 inches
Biceps 14 3/4 inches 15 1/2 inches
Weight 180 pounds 176.5 pounds

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Be blessed,
Andy Baxter,
New Albany, Indiana

"Jeff Gained 10 Pounds Of Muscle In Four Months"

Vote for Jeff

What I'm loving most: Everything! From a workout perspective, I love that every month its something new. Pushing my body to limits I've never pushed it before. Going outside my comfort zone! Also, the more you know, the more you grow! I cant say enough about the HMax Forum. If your looking for an education, this is the place to be!

Sincere endorsement: When I first heard about hypertrophy max, it was like hearing that band play in the garage for the first time. You just knew its going to be something special! I wanted to take my physique to the next level & I wanted to best. This program will next you to the next level. Its a must for all bodybuilders!

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

Thank you,

Jeff Clemens
Detroit, MI

"Hypertrophy MAX Has Taken My Body To The Next Level"

Vote for Sean

My name is Sean Wilkes, I'm 30 years of age, from England originally, currently living in Bangkok, Thailand.

I've always considered myself a 'hardgainer', specifically in relation to lean muscle mass. I've gone through periods being both skinny and weak and fat and weak, but never in any way particularly muscular, despite many a time spent in the gym.

Up into my early 20's I typically weighed between 112lbs to 119lbs at 5'8. My first 'bulk' began after reading that 'hardgainers' must eat, eat and eat some more to gain muscle; throw some weights around and attempt to add 2lbs a week to the scale was the suggested name of the game.

I blindly went from a skinny fat 130lbs to a plain old fat 187lbs in only 3 months before calling it quits! Disaster.

I unsurprisingly took steps to drop body fat and continued to workout consistently for a number of years (largely attempting to gain muscle during that time) with some results, though not nearly as relative to the time invested. Shoulder, wrist, neck and lower back pain were also common place by this point as well, though I obsessively and naively continued to train in the same manner, almost deludedly expecting different results.

My nutrition knowledge grew and subsequently I chose to shift eating methodologies regularly in addition to constant program-hopping in order to try and find the magic formula to breaking my duct. Ultimately I spent lots of time spinning my wheels, over thinking and being completely obsessive.

Enter Vince and Ben.

One game changing remark I've heard Ben state which has stuck with me, is that one of the primary factors that sets the pros apart from the majority (from a training perspective) is not the amount of weight they can hoist particularly, but their far greater ability to consciously contract / build tension in the muscle they are intending to work. Vince and Ben's directions for advancing this mind-muscle connection ('intentions' for example) in conjunction with biomechanically optimal exercise execution really opened my eyes; this has since fruitfully paved the way for near continuous progression for me since.

I've gone from nearly flat-out convincing myself that I simply didn't have the genetics to gain any significant lean-size, a long period just obsessively going through the motions with nothing to show for it, from allowing this life-style to dominate my life, to, in stark contrast, very much enjoying my training again, seeing results I didn't think possible based on my history, and, importantly, finding a positive balance in my life.

Assuming my testing methods to be correct, I've added approximately 10lbs+ of lean mass following the first 4 phases of H/Max, while in conjunction experiencing a slight decrease in body fat. For me, these results are exceptional.

I'm not close yet to where I want to be from a physique perspective, however the path is now well lit and I feel optimistic I have the tools necessary to continue on in the right direction.

Vince and Ben have been a breath of fresh air. I'm very pleased I took the decision to invest in Hypertrophy Max and I recommend it to anyone who desires to take their training / physique to the next level.

Two big thumbs up!

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Sean Wilkes,
Bangkok, Thailand

"I stepped On Stage For The First Time!"

Vote for Mike


Hypertrophy Max helped me achieve the best shape in my life. I stepped onto the natural bodybuilding stage for the first time in my life. I had my personal trainer, but the advanced technique and motivation that HMAX provided was invaluable. I highly recommend HMAX to everyone who is serious about transforming their physique.

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Mike Ling

"Hypertrophy MAX Has Changed My Life…"

Vote for Akshay


As a former super skinny guy turned FAT(bulking, lol!), my main aim in the last few months has been to get as ripped as humanly possible!AND STAY RIPPED year round!

With the help of vince and Ben's nutrition recomendations I think I have achieved that while putting some significant muscle.

This entire journey has been amazing for me as I have gone from looking like nothing to ACTUALLY making VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE on how to get shredded!

What Vince and Ben have taught me about working out correctly by initiating with the working muscle, contracting through the range, and optimium nutrient timing has helped not only transform MY body, but now anyone who asks me for advice is just blown away by how much in depth advice I can actually give!

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

Thanks so much guys, YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE!

Akshay Krishnan


Vote for Tommy

Age: 18 years old
Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Before weight: 165lbs
After weight: 158lbs
Before bodyfat: 12-13%
After bodyfat: 6%

HMAX HAS CHANGED NOT ONLY MY BODY BUT MY LIFE AS WELL! Plain and simple. I achieved the mentality of a champion from HMax. Before HMax I always just went in the gym and lifted very heavy with horrible form and no real goal in mind other than getting big! After learning SO much from Ben and Vince I know go into the gym with an exact blue print on achieving my ideal physique. I started competing in bodybuilding competitions this past year and every HMax principle has enhanced my physique to a whole new level!

The biggest obstacle I faced before finding HMax was working very hard in the gym but not getting any bigger or leaner! Once I started HMax I learned how to actually use my muscles and stimulate them into growth, which exploded my potential!

I saw the advertisements and the results presented by Vince and Ben and I was instantly attracted to the program! My initial impression was that I wasn't sure if it was enough work. When you look at the program on paper it looks very unusual compared to most generic workout programs and that's what makes HMax SO unique! and So cutting edge! It goes against the grain and uses SCIENCE to grow! I love it!!!

HMax has helped me achieve a lot of fantastic goals with my physique! At first it helped me lose body fat and lean out for the first 4 months then it helped me grow muscle, and then it helped me prep for my bodybuilding contests as well! It helped in every aspect! I gained muscle and lost fat!

Keep Killin it!!!

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Thomas Lacaprucia
Chicopee, Massachusetts

"I have learned so much from Hypertrophy MAX"

Vote for Ralph


First off, I would like to say how excited I am for convincing myself to join this contest. I never been in a competition of this nature. Which is why I decided to step out of the box and challenge myself. One of the many things I learn from Vince and Ben.

I’m 41 years old and I stand at 5’9”. At the age of 37 I was that skinny guy that turned fat, no definition, big belly and my sex drive was on a downslide. I was weighing 210 pounds at 44 percent body. Although I’m athletic played sports my whole life, I was never interested in lifting weights. I began my journey by jogging 3 miles a day, drinking more water and eating less portion. I began adding other exercises. Soon after, my waistline went from 38-40 to 32-34 and I was weighing 162 pounds at 28 percent body fat. A friend of mine recommended that I join a gym and start lifting weights to improve my appearance even more.

First day in the gym, I had no clue what I was doing. I had that feeling like everyone was staring at me and saying to themselves “that guy has no clue what he is doing.” Obvious paranoia, I joined bodybuilding.com, researching all types of information in an attempt to somewhat educate myself. I starting following Kyle Leon and doing his workouts. Through Kyle I started using Blue Star supplements, then one day I got an email advertising Hypertrophy Max.

Needless to say I was hooked from day one. It was just what I was looking for. The detailed content provided by you and Ben inspired me to not only be better in gym, it also encouraged me to apply the same principles in my real life. In disc 1 Vince, I took your advice and brought the book “Linchpin” and “The Charge.” Those books changed my entire prospective on life. From that point on I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted the total package and a better life for myself. So I enrolled in college online and choose a degree in Sports Science and Wellness.

I started Hypertrophy MAX at the beginning of the year and I have learned so much. Once I mastered the mind muscle connection, I begin seeing gains. I now weigh 175 pounds at 20 percent body fat. My goal is to achieve 180 pounds at 10 to 12 percent. I feel myself getting stronger every day. Joining this contest will always motivate me to accomplish my goal.

My future educational goal besides college are to obtain my personal training, first aid, fitness nutrition, CPR and AED certificate. I still struggle with my eating habits and I recently purchased the 4 cycle program by Shawn Hadsall. The most important thing I learned from Hypertrophy is how to believe in myself and sky’s the limit.

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Ralph Rogers Jr.

"Ever since I’m following Ben and Vince, I never stopped learning something new"

Vote for Pierre-Luc

Age: 27


Before stats
Weight: 167.5 lbs

After stats
Weight: 170.2 lbs

Ever since I’m following Ben and Vince, I never stopped learning something new. Each month, I improve my execution and I focus on small goals.

Hypertrophy MAX opens my eyes. Now, I don’t care what people say in the gym about training, because most of the time, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

For months, my biggest obstacle was my sleep. I have more responsibilities so my sleep was suffering. My mid-term goal is to manage my time, so I can sleep longer and better.

Hypertrophy MAX taught me how to use nutrition and supplementation wisely. HMAX also taught me varieties of training principles that help me achieve my fitness goals.

Once again, a big THANK YOU to Ben and Vince to share the “Secret of Bodybuilding”. I said “secret” because you will never find so much good information about bodybuilding so easily and well explain.

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

Pierre-Luc Poulin
Québec City, Canada

"This program has been one of the best
and most rewarding experiences of my life"

Vote for Gunnar

Age: 20


Before stats
Weight: 213 lbs
18% body fat

After stats
Weight: 190 lbs
9% body fat

My name is Gunnar Boettcher. I’m 20 yrs old, 6’2” and 4 months ago I weighed 213lbs and 18% body fat. By the end of the program, I dropped over 20lbs of fat and cut my bf% in half- weighing around 190 with 9% bf!!

I have NEVER seen my abs before until now! I grew up my whole life being “one of the bigger kids” in almost every grade/class I was ever in. This really took a toll on me mentally. Only up until now, I have always had an insecurity of taking my shirt off in front of people and feeling judged physically… but now I don’t! Now I have an awesome 6-pack that I am very very proud of and it feels great!

This program has been one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my life. My knowledge of exercise and nutrition has increased ten fold! Before acquiring this program, I was COMPLETELY LOST in the world of fitness and nutrition and questioned everything I did. Coming from a football background and only training for strength and sport specific performance and eating whatever I wanted, I didn’t understand very much about strict hypertrophy/bodybuilding types training and how to eat properly.

Ben and Vince taught me the most biomechanically efficient ways to stimulate muscle for maximal growth. I thought their knowledge on performance nutrition and supplementation was extremely valuable too; it’s been incredibly difficult for me to find people who have that knowledge.

When I look back at where I started, I’ve come so far in all aspects of my life. I know it’s cliché to say my confidence has improved from this, but it really has. It’s a true, genuine confidence that I have never felt before. I feel like I can do and be anything I want to be.

Lastly, out of everything I’ve learned and enjoyed from this program the most, it’s been the advice and experiences Ben and Vince have shared about leading a motivated and successful life that I’ve found to be the most valuable.

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

Gunnar Boettcher
Mankato, Minnesota

"Goals, consistency, structure, priorities, discipline"

Vote for Andreas

Age: 19

Height:179 cm

Before stats
Weight: 69,1kg
around 9,5% body fat

After stats
Weight: 74,5kg
around 12,5% body fat

Before I knew anything about Ben, Vince and Hypertrophy MAX, I trained mindlessly at home for 2 years - no knowledge, no precise goals, no questioning on why I didn't ever get bigger - let's call it a 2 year plateau and leave it at that.

I wanted to impress the girls, I wanted to impress myself, I wanted acknowledgement and I wanted to be an example of great success! I'm being all out honest here! I didn't work out because "I fell in love with the sport" or because I liked the movement pattern of a bicep curl.

Then by accident stumbled upon Hypertrophy MAX and looked at the transformation pictures - they did that in a year!?

So I bought it and the material was mind blowing and everything seemed to make sense. Keep in mind that these pictures are NOT the first 16 weeks of Hmax! In the beginning I failed to gain muscle! Man, I failed hard! But for every failure I got more and more stubborn because the science and the thoughts behind it were so obvious (once you knew about it!). So I twisted and reevaluated a lot of times and these 5,4kg is my greatest story of success, so far.

But this program is NOT just brains and gains! It's about what YOU want from YOUR life and how to get there! Goals, consistency, structure, priorities, discipline, circle of friends and a healthy mind. Today, I wouldn't have known the importance of all this if it wasn't for Ben and Vince and fellow Hmaxers! Any fancy quote with a fancy font and fancy colors would've never taught me that - looking myself right in the eyes while doing those pain-inflicting, never-ending squats, certainly did!

On a side note, I am now on my first year as a physiotherapist university student and new goals are written down on paper!

Yes, I want colossal gains! Click here to sign up now

Andreas Amorsen

"Stephen Got RIPPED by Dropping 4% Body-Fat"

Vote for Stephen

My name is Stephen Brannigan, I'm 25 and was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. I'm 5'11" and currently weigh 183lbs. My starting weight before Hypertrophy M.A.X. was 190lbs. My body fat percentage before Hypertrophy M.A.X. was around 14% and now, 14 weeks later, it's around 10%.

Before starting Hypertrophy M.A.X., I would never of purchased anything like this. I was always to skeptic about these types of programs because I had been training for around 8 years on and off and thought I had a good grasp on what worked. I had received emails from Vince about other programs and only ever heard of Ben through one of them mails, from his MI40 program. I don't honestly know what made me look into this program, as id usually discard the mails but I'm so glad I did and don't regret it for one second.

Since starting Hypertrophy M.A.X. I've learned so much about nutrition and training, that when I look back I realize I was doing all the wrong things. I was eating like a bodybuilder, training like a powerlifter and looking like neither lol. There's so much bad information out there, that even the good information is used wrong and becomes more bad information. This program cuts through all the bull. Ben and Vince tell you what works, how it works and why it works. The workouts are amazing and changing each month so there's never a dull workout or sticking point. I've learned all about the variables of training, so I can now manipulate my training and nutrition to suit my current goals.

If your worried about signing up don't be, just do it I promise you won't be disappointed. The information I've learned in the past 14 weeks will be used over and over again, for the rest of my life in the gym.

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Stephen Brannigan

"Hypertrophy M.A.X Gives Me A Reason to Get Out of Bed In the Morning"

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Age: 44
Height: 5'8"
Before Measurements: Chest: 54 inches, Arms: 20 inches, Waist: 38 inches, Thighs: 24 1/2 inches
Weight before: 245
Measurements after: Chest: 55 inches, Arms: 18 3/4 inches, Waist 36 inches, thighs: 25 inches

It totally reshaped my body. I couldn't believe my arms were fat. Now they are getting muscle bellies!

My self-esteem has totally changed! In October, 2010 I was laying in the hospital after a heart attack. When I got out, I celebrated by going to an all you can eat pizza place. Had my daughters and son go get me pizza because I thought my leg would rip back open. I was having them help me commit suicide by the slice! Then one night, while on the computer, don't even know what I typed in..Ben's picture appeared!

His shoulders were unbelievable. So I sent for information. To this day I don't even know why!! And then it started one rep at a time. I live in pain. My family don't even know this. I sleep in a single bed so I can grab the side to turn over and it takes me about 5 minutes to get up the courage because of the pain. I'm full of arthroritis from injuries that never healed. Doctors said I would be in a wheelchair by age 40. To get out of bed, it takes 20 minutes to get up the nerve. I get out bent over, push off my knees to get stood up. Take 2 quick steps pure agony. Once on my feet, NOBODY can stop me! HyperTrophy MAX gives me a reason to get up! It is the best thing for my joints and back. Otherwise I would let the pain win and consume me!

My biggest accomplishment would have to be the body weight challenge. I thought I would do it easy, jumped up to do a pull up and couldn't do it! My self-esteem dropped to the floor. I started having flashbacks to the fat little kid in school, who couldn't do one pull up and got laughed at. I started to walk away! I thought back to the forums, all the positive energy starring at the bar, I ran back, yelled "Not this time Baby!", repped them out and got them done! When done, I lay on the floor, almost in tears, saying " I can't believe I done it!!!" I slayed my dragon! It is a big accomplishment for me!

This has given me energy to spend with my kids and gave back my life!! I promised my mom when she was dyeing, that I wouldn't give up no matter what in 1991. I took a heck of a detour. But Mom...I'm back!!! This is an incredible program, with the added bonus of the forums...You Can NOT fail!

This is my year, and if I can inspire one person to change their life then my life is fulfilled!

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Rick Kensell
Current City: Broken Bow, Nebraska

"Hypertrophy MAX Gave Me Drive I Haven't Had In 20 Years…"

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I am not skilled with the ability to pen the words on exactly what I gained while going through the Transformation Challenge. I can only open up my heart and share as best as I can. I am now 51 years old, in my 20's that seemed ancient but unless I look into the mirror, I still feel like the same person. I am married to an unbelievable wife and I have 2 beautiful daughters that are the love of my life. I am a successful insurance agent and financial advisor. Again, when I was in my 20's, this would have seemed as foreign to me as it would have been undesirable. You see, I was the most arrogant and self centered man you can imagine. I loved bodybuilding and could not understand why the entire world didn't pause when there was a contest or why every guy didn't want to be me or why every girl didn't faint when I walked by.

I judged every man by either the size of his arms or the size of his wallet. I had some success in bodybuilding, Mr. Air force(Heavyweight), Mr. Continental USA(Heavyweight), Rocky Mountain Championship(winner Heavy also) and Mr. Colorado 1992 overall (my dream). Major career change and move in 1994 caused a small break in my bodybuilding (first time ever), time went by as in a daze. Married in 1999 and later that year had my first child, business was going great, 2nd child in 2001. Then major financial disaster which brought me to my knees. I allowed this to turn into financial ruin and ruin in most areas of my life. As if overnight, I looked around and was 50 years old, lost my hair and my body was absolutely horrible. By my previous standards of success, I didn't have the body any longer and now I no longer had the wallet - I was a failure (shallow but this was the truth).

I sum up this challenge in a phrase with no exaggeration, it was literally an effort to save my life. There were no dramatic doctors reports or diagnosis to lose weight. My main motivation was not prizes or to get a "summer body." It was to reclaim my life, to rise up and be the father, husband and friend I MUST be! You see, I have worn a mask for many years now, one to hide the shame, fear and failure I have been. Not simply a failure because of financial disaster or letting my family down, my friends down or even letting my body and health decline. A failure because of wasting the gift of life, deciding to accept mediocrity and worst of all, QUITTING.

You see, I had experienced success as the world defines it. I had won numerous bodybuilding titles years ago, including my dream of being Mr. Colorado. I had the beautiful house on the hill, wonderful and gorgeous wife and two incredible daughters. But due to a business issue, I turned an event that would have been financial difficulty into financial ruin. I pointed the finger at everyone, sunk into self pity, relied on excuses. For years I ate whatever I wanted to escape the pain. When I looked into the mirror, I lied to myself that it wasn't as bad as it looked and I can easily turn this around someday-just not today. I started fad diets, quit diets. Started new workout programs and quickly quit. It was always the diets that didn't work, the workouts that didn't produce, it was never me. I would then wait for the "perfect time" to get serious but that was always tomorrow.

It never happened. Being lazy, being average, being "fat" was easy, it took no effort, no motivation, only excuses.

In November 2013 my dad passed away. This was a man who was always on my side and my biggest cheerleader. One of the last things he said to me was something I preached to him a few years back when he was facing major heart surgery. It was from a Rocky movie. "It ain't about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward-that's how winning is done." He looked at me and said, "you have always been my hero because of your desire, but now you only point the finger at everyone except yourself, you're not where you want to be because of him or her-that is what quitters do and that isn't you son." Finally I could see the truth and it hurt, but it hurt enough to change.

When the Transformation Challenge was announced, I received my first video and newsletter for Hypertrophy MAX, I felt a feeling I hadn't in almost 20 years. I knew that I had look deep within myself and DECIDE now who I wanted to be, what I wanted and what I will NO LONGER accept and just DECIDE. Not that looks alone are the main thing but this was a way for accountability for me. "How you do anything is how you do everything", this was my standard in the past and it worked. I had to DECIDE. The latin root for decide is "to cut off",no other options or excuses, no Plan B. I looked into the mirror, into my eyes and saw a person I had lost years ago and realized that the enemy all along was ME. There is an old African proverb that says, "if there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm." That person had to go forever.

At first this was unbelievably difficult but I didn't have to "think" and there was accountability that I needed. I had continued to work out all of these years but it was up to me, what to do and when to quit-that was usually when it got difficult. With HM,there is the accountability, a coach telling you what to do and when, you just DO IT! I guess that this essay is hopefully supposed to motivate others, well that is impossible unless a person is willing to pay the price, but sometimes when you want to pay the price, you simply don't know what to do? All of us want success but most of the time we don't want it more than we want to sleep or want to party or watch TV. We place limitations on ourselves and disguise them with excuses. It is hard to change your life, your body, it's real hard. There are a lot of disappointments but it is worth it. "Limits, like fears are often an illusion."

I looked into the mirror in January of this year and I shouted, "l'M GONNA SHOW YOU HOW GREAT I AM." If you are reading this now and you are searching for a way to change, decide today that at this moment you will sacrifice who you are now for what you CAN and will become. If you take care of your part-Hypertrophy MAX WILL hold up its end.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this program, the support and the opportunity. I pray God's blessings on both of you (and the entire staff), Vince and Ben-feel like I know you personally.

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Jeff Webb

"Lost Fat AND Gained Muscle!"

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Before stats
163 lbs
9% body fat

After stats
165 lbs
6.5% body fat

I purchased the complete Hypertrophy Max program in June of last year, and bought it because I was finally tired of being the "skinny" guy my whole life. I really saw potential in having a complete program like this and thought who better than the skinny guy savior, and a highly respected body builder to learn from!

I didn't actually get a chance to start the program until January of this year which are when my before pictures where taken. My after pictures were just a taken last week and I'm seeing a tremendous difference in my body. I have not missed any time in the gym and have grown addicted to hitting it hard every day. Working out and taking care of my body has also transferred into other parts of my life. I am now practicing Transcendental Meditation twice a day and also visiting the chiropractor on a regular basis! Beginning this program has increased my confidence in so many other areas of my life and I'm forever grateful!

I didn't take any official measurements but I can see tremendous development in my back and arms. I have also see my chest grow which I was beginning to believe was impossible before! I hardly worked my abs of these past 16 weeks but and going to make an effort to work them in!


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Adam MacPherson

"Hypertrophy MAX Is My Secret Weapon!"

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I am turning 25 this year. I am 1.65 meters high. My before photos are taken on 16th Jan 2014. The body fat was around 13%, weight in 68 Kg. My after pictures are taken on 26th April on the Counties Manukau show which was held by NZIFBB New Zealand. I was 67 kg on the day. With 7% body fat.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand. Hypertrophy Max program is my secret weapon to build my body. My goal is to complete the whole program at 100%. And I also want to get into the fitness industry as fast as possible. I was a competitive full contact karate fighter for 8 years. I have been applied some disciplines which I developed from karate to my bodybuilding and my diet. Its working very well at the moment.

The biggest obstacles for me is that, for the past 3 month I have been prepare my first and second bodybuilding show. My first on was on 15th May, New Zealand Pro/Am show, and finished at 4th place. And second one was on 26th April, finished at 3rd place and got qualified for the New Zealand National show which will be held on 4th of Oct this year. As you know I haven't been follow the 555 cycle diet at all. I believe if I did follow this diet plan, I will have more gains. But as you know that I loved competing in the Men's physique category. It a new sport and I have just started this year. I plan is to compete as many show as I can, I want to become a pro before it gets hard you know.

About the motivation, I am always staying motivated because I have heard Coach Vince's working stories. That's why I want to have a career in the health and fitness industry. I want to quit my engineering job right in front of my boss's face just like Coach Vince did. That's why I want to compete, cause I want to spread my name out my entering lot of shows. I am spending a lot of money on my bodybuilding at the moment but its worth it. Once I get success my target will be Chinese market. I have huge expectation on this.

About my training. I have to focus more on my back and chest. Maybe I just need more time I think. I have a bulky waist from doing karate I think, now I start to wear a lifting belt when I am doing squats with big load now.

I have been putting some time recently on doing presentation on fitness and mostly about nutrition. I have heard Coach Ben wasn't good at it just like me. But I already did it once and it was successful. I want to keep doing it. And it is a very good opportunity for me to learn about how to let people know how much values I can offer them.

Thank you Coach Ben and Coach Vince!

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David Zhou
Auckland, New Zealand

"Now I Continue To Make Progress Every Single Day!"

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I completed Mi40 before starting HMAX in December. Once I was done with Mi40 I was 140 pounds and 15% body fat. After a little over 3 months in the Hypertrophy MAX I have been amazed how much progress I have made. My form has dramatically improved and I love knowing why I am doing each workout and become very cerebral in every workout. I am analytical by nature so now I can hold myself accountable for my results. Currently I am 150 pounds and 13% body fat. My goals are to get below 10% body fat and continue to improve everyday in the gym. I am a former US Marine so I've always been in shape but I have always had trouble gaining weight and putting on muscle mass. Ever since I've came across Ben and Vince's programs I have continued to progress everyday. Seems like every month my friends see me they can see the difference and of course that is always a reward to hear. My biggest gains have been my back and my biceps I've gone to 15.5 inches to 16.75 inches in the 3 months period. HMAX is well worth the investment videos are insightful and the materials each month helps you stay on track. Looking forward to all the future HMAX phases and programs from Ben and Vince. Thanks for the consideration for the contest.


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Justin Burthay
Tampa, Florida


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I am 24 years old, 185 cm for 80 Kgs

I joined HMAX team in December 2013 and Started at a weight of 75 Kg with a BF in the range of 10-12%. Today May 10th , after 4 months training with Hmax i am at 80 KG with a BF in the range of 12-14%.

Before HMAX I had one year and half of lifting experience , I have always been obsessed by keeping my 6 pack which has made me make decisions that weren't always optimal ( always in a slight caloric deficit, high protein, carbs les than 150 , year long) I succeeded it in deed to keep my 6 pack , however putting more muscle especially in LEGS, PECS was a big issue.

The main thing i learned with HMAX is to TRUST someone (for instance Vince & Ben) and FEED my body whenever it asked for ( sticking with the 555 shred meal plan).

This Commitment & Trust has helped me gain 5 kg in 4months, ( mainly muscle since my Abs definition didn't change a lot). But more importantly, it is helping me acquire a priceless knowledge wether trough in the training field with the training and execution videos or about how to structure your days and life, I really am impressed how acknowledgeable V&B are and more impressed how about how they generously share it with us.

To sum up, thanks to the program i have made Significant changes in my Life style
- I sleep earlier, eat well, stick to a plan and respect it ,
- I also learned how to prioritize things and applied it even in my work life


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Rafei Alaeddine
Casablanca, Morocco