Exclusive VIP Update #2

The Inspirational Story Behind The Birth Of Hypertrophy M.A.X.

“What do I do next?”

Those are the exact words we get emailed dozens of times a week after our students finish our programs! And we LOVE IT because those are the SAME words Ben and I have used to continually improve ourselves so we get you. You want something more than the norm… more on that in a moment. 

First off, if you don’t know me, I’m Vince Del Monte, the man who was once destined to be remembered as “Skinny Vinny.” But that seems like a lifetime ago…   Now I’m coined the “skinny guy savior” and have become famous for building myself from that thin, scrawny, sickly-looking runner, into a pro fitness model, author and muscle-building authority who’s helped over 100,000 skinny guys & gals in more than 123 different countries since May of 2006. 

Eighteen months ago, I decided it was time to take my physique to a new level so I went on a quest to hunt down the brightest bodybuilder in the world to be MY personal coach. After watching (literally) dozens of pro bodybuilding DVDs I was about to give up from hearing “Do this because it works for me…” a million times, I finally found IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Benjamin Pakulski who I coined “the master molder”. In 18 short months Ben helped me completely remodel my body, optimize my lifting technique and passed along his “thinking man’s approach to building muscle.” 

In November 2011, Ben launched what users coined, “the most legendary muscle-building program in existence”, MI40!  The same system that helped Ben place 4th at the Arnold Classic and qualify him for the Mr. Olympia in 14 short weeks away! Bodybuilding fans around the world agreed that “Ben was the MOST improved…” which results from his relentless quest to utilize only the most scientifically-optimal strategies to improve himself and share with his students—i.e. YOU! If you joined the MI40 revolution, do I need to say more?!

You see, MI40 was designed to help you master execution and optimize technique via Intentions.

Almost immediately after completion, the guys who bought it wanted more.

More unique hypertrophy models, more application of Intentions, more inspiration, a private forum, more personalized help, etc.

Essentially, they wanted a coach.

After Ben’s students crushed MI40, he got THOUSANDS of emails
anxiously asking, “What do I do next?”

Sorry you had to wait 5 months but the wait is over! 

Every time we consider creating a new program, it is based on a huge need we see in our students, athletes, followers, and in gyms across the world. What is it that people REALLY need to achieve their goals? 

For everyone it starts with execution. That was the primary reason MI40 was created - to teach your body to move properly and optimize tension. Its never about what you do in the gym, it's how you do it. It doesn't matter how many reps you do if they all suck!

(FYI - when it comes to Intentions, MI40 was just the appetizer; Hypertrophy M.A.X. will be the main course)

Virtually every day people email us and ask us stuff like, “What do you do to build your legs BPak?” or “What do you do for your chest Vince?”

Truthfully, it DOESN’T matter!

If doesn't matter if you do the same exercises as us if the technique sucks!

We could give you the exact workout we do and you wont get half the results. When it comes to colossal gains in size and strength, the real progress lies in the execution and that is what MI40 was dedicated to introducing you to. Hypertrophy M.A.X. will be the next step in mastering execution and will also ensure you NEVER plateau again. You see:

You may have hit a plateau right now but given
what you know it was inevitable!
Here's why...

In fact, you had no other option but to plateau!

Please, don't blame yourself for an extra second.

All the “arm-chair” experts claim: "It's an unavoidable condition…" or "Everyone hits a plateau eventually…" or "Expect your gains to slow after a few years of training..."

If we were “arm-chair” experts, we would have to agree.

Catching a plateau is like catching a virus - eventually it's your turn.

At some point your gains have slowed - and you're just like 99% of the rest of the world, ourselves included.

So congratulations… you're normal!

But who wants to be "normal" anyway? You don't want to look like a "normal" guy—you want to look like something greater, right?

Well, you're probably thinking how amazing it would be to SMASH your genetics and make COLOSSAL gains in size and strength 365 days a year!

If you have ever wanted an awe-inspiring one-of-a-kind body, well that's normal too. That's right: it's normal to want something greater than the norm and better than average.

Here’s the problem…

99% of programs you've tried have the plateau
Built Right Into The Program!

As you learned in the 6 Forgotten Factors of Hypertrophy Report (mandatory reading before joining Hypertrophy M.A.X.), as long as you train one way you'll NEVER maximize your full potential and experience colossal gains in size and strength 365 days a year.

The next step in evolving your muscle gains and maximizing your muscle routine is strategically & skillfully periodizing all 6 factors of hypertrophy into a balanced, organized and progressive 12-month plan.

No program in existence exploits all 6 factors in one "6-week" or "12-week" program. Maybe 1 or 2 at best. That is why people plateau -- the plateau is built into the dang program! The only way, I repeat the ONLY way you will maximize your full genetic potential is to EXPLOIT ALL 6 FACTORS OF HYPERTROPHY!

That is why Hypertrophy MAX will be a total of 12 months! After you go through all 12 months you'll be able to run this exact program over and over again for the next 5 years, make incredible progress, never stagnate, and likely never get bored because you're constantly switching things up in a balanced, organized and progressive way!

It’s seriously NOT your fault if you’ve stopped making gains...

When we went to Charles Poliquin's 5-Day Hypertrophy Camp in Rhode Island this past January, there were 16 other students from 4 different corners of the world. We learned more in those 5 days than we had in the last few years and realized the desperate and immediate need for accurate, truthful and science-based information that only the world's most elite coaches know. (Trust me, this stuff isn't floating around on YouTube or the "all knowing" Google or else I wouldn't have paid $3,995 to attend).

While I had the pain—I mean pleasure—to experience 15 brand new hypertrophy models in 5 days (plus we learned everything muscle-building nutrition and supplements), the experience confirmed that the world needs better information and they need it presented in an organized and step-by-step system.

So seriously: It's not your fault!

How are you supposed to sort through 9,340,000 searches on Google when you type in "muscle building"? Hundreds of articles? Thousands of videos? You're NOT.

That's why Ben and I decided to combine forces. There is a problem, and Ben and I have decided to make it our problem.

And that's what Hypertrophy MAX will be dedicated to: skillfully organizing, balancing and progressing all the key factors of hypertrophy into 12 unique hypertrophy models, which will result in the most effective 12-month transformation plan EVER. Each month is a different phase and each phase will build upon the previous — this is a curriculum based system.

Each month we will be organizing monthly coaching calls and a private membership forum to provide you personalized coaching and mentorship.

The reason we're taking it to this level is because coaching is what ultimately works best. You'll have the opportunity to have not one but two coaches for an entire year! Let that sink in for a moment!

In the meantime, make sure you listen to the How To Grow Like A Pro audio right now. This explains the 6 Forgotten Factors of Hypertrophy and 4 Lies You Must Stop Believing About Building Muscle… you don't want to miss this content. Click here to listen right now!

Yours in health, fitness & passion,

Vince & Ben

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