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The 3 Smartest Solutions To Size & Strength Development…

In yesterday's article, The 5 Problems KILLING Your Muscle Gains, we revealed what's preventing you from experiencing colossal gains in size and strength 365 days a year. I recommend you read that entire update before you read today's.

Two days ago, we sent you an uncut audio interview, The 6 Forgotten Factors of Hypertrophy, and if you didn't get a chance to listen in, download it now by CLICKING HERE and you'll learn what it really takes to grow without plateau (yes, it's possible).

If you're all caught up then you're ready for today's article where you'll learn the solutions to smash your "genetic potential" -- if you're up for a challenge that is!

Now, here are the 3 solutions to making gains 365 days a year... (I know it sounds far-fetched but it'll make complete sense once you're done reading.... GET TO IT :) )

Solution #1 -- You must periodize the 6 factors of hypertrophy - tension, density, lactic, volume, intensity and frequency - into an organized, balanced & progressive 12-month program

Here's what you MUST understand:

a) Strategic Planning

Do you have a training plan? Not a training program, but a long-term plan? The definition of periodization is simple - a long-term plan! A plan is more than just a "6-week" or "12-week" workout routine. Most people you know have one of those. Typical websites and books focus on periodizing reps and sets and might help you gain 1 or 2 pounds of muscle this year. WOW (sarcasm)!

Hypertrophy M.A.X. considers every variable - not just reps and sets (intensity and volume). The variables you must apply to periodization to experience gains 365 days a year include (not in any special order):

lifting speed; rest intervals; frequency of workouts; duration of workouts; intensity of workouts; exercise selection; how many exercises per body part; how many muscle groups per workout; how many sets per body part; how many sets per exercise; order of exercises; pairing of muscle groups; intensity techniques; recovery weeks etc.

I know, it sounds like A LOT. It IS! The truth is, a few of these things will always be manipulated if you just show up at the gym and jump from random exercise to random exercise with zero direction whatsoever. But the REAL gains in size and strength come when you periodize ALL these factors. Don't worry, that's what you have us for!

Every single one of these variables is considered and utilized in Hypertrophy M.A.X. in an organized, balanced and progressive 12-month plan to guarantee you experience MAX gains.

b) Strategic Progression

Achieving max muscle size does not happen by accident. 99% of guys go to the gym and hope they end up gaining some muscle. Essentially, they are throwing darts at a wall blindfolded and hoping to hit something. Then they wonder why they look the same as last month!

When you know how to strategically progress your workouts from week to week and month to month there is no need to totally smash yourself every workout. Each workout should build toward the ultimate goal.

It's always one foot in front of the other to ensure you're moving forward. Sometimes people think they can LEAP, when in reality they will just land on unstable ground and fall on their faces. You must prepare your body for BIG changes to come. REMEMBER: your body WANTS to stay as is, in homeostasis (or current state). Consider our 4-phase progression model as the first lesson in making gains 365 days a year:

Week 1 Workouts - perfect lifting technique, no missed reps, lowest amount of volume, master the tempos, no forced reps, don't worry about training at your limits, leave the gym feeling VERY fresh, underworked

Week 2 Workouts - perfect lifting technique, no missed reps, medium amount of volume, tempo is still dead on, increase the loads, no forced reps, work closer to your limits leave the gym feeling slightly fatigued but don't empty the tank

Week 3 Workouts - perfect lifting technique, you might miss 1 or 2 reps, highest amount of volume, increase loads again, it becomes tougher to maintain the tempo, don't seek out forced reps but they might occur, don't go crazy but strive to set some personal bests, you will feel a high level of fatigue

Week 4 Workouts - perfect lifting technique, you might miss 2 or 3 reps, reduce volume to same as week 2 but increase load again, it becomes tougher to maintain the tempo, don't seek out forced reps but they might occur, don't go crazy but strive to set some personal bests, you will feel the highest level of fatigue

This might appear conservative, but keep in mind – learning how to progress in a safe and progressive way is exactly what is necessary to ensure you make continuous, neverending progress! Any meat head can train hard for one week— the question is, can you progress EVERY SINGLE WEEK? That's what separates the men from the boys. Say goodbye to plateaus, forever!

c) Strategic Execution

Control is the currency of muscle growth. We have no problem lifting heavy weights - if it's making a difference! You can find us lifting heavy just as often as we do light, but it's all pre-planned. Often times the two fastest ways to produce more muscle growth are to i) SLOW DOWN and ii) reduce the load 50% and initiate the movement with the working muscle. This is challenging for most guys because they go to the gym to train their egos, not their muscles.

We all love the feeling of lifting heavy, no question! But wouldn't the feeling of growing be WAY better!? After all, that is the ultimate goal, right? When you learn the true reality of how LITTLE weight you really need to lift to grow, your mind is going to be blown. Think for a moment how small a muscle is. Relative to a 100lb dumbbell…it's TINY! Sure, inch for inch, muscles are very strong and can handle great amounts of tension.

The truth of the matter when it comes to lifting weights is that "weight" itself is the LEAST important factor with regard to actual muscle growth. Tension, Time Under Tension, Torque, and Frequency are MUCH higher up the list of importance… never thought about it like that, did you? Well, it's 100% true.

Now ask yourself, if you don't know exactly how to optimize these other factors, how do you EVER expect to build any respectable amount of muscle?

Solution #2: You need a personal coach, i.e. a mentor, to strip away the BS and keep you focused on the next step each and every day

The truth is, you don't need to know every little detail to transform from average to astonishing.

In fact, obsessing about the details of a topic is a guaranteed way to get confused, waste time and be unsuccessful. All you need is a BURNING DESIRE TO TAKE ACTION (which you already have or else you wouldn't be here right now).

Believe it or not, Ben had me do a lot of different things during my contest prep with my nutrition, workouts and supplementation that I didn't fully understand. But I still got amazing results. If you don't believe me, check out Ben's FREE seminar from my Live Large Live Event…he will tell you all about it. Here's a link to the presentation that attendees paid $197.00 for…. CLICK HERE

In essence, when it comes to transforming your physique, what really works can be summed up in one word: mentorship. The role of a mentor is to STRIP AWAY THE BS and tell you exactly what works.

Repeat: mentoring is the MOST important factor to transforming your body.

Why? Because a mentor will keep you focused on one thing and one thing only: the very next step, otherwise known to Coach Ben as your "weakest link".

Solution #3: Your diet must revolve around Growth Meals, Shred Meals, Recovery Meals and Freebie Meals

This is your no "BS" approach to growing massive muscles… simply!

All the hard work and execution in the gym don't count for anything if you're not at least somewhat diligent with your diet. Again, as we will preach time and time again, you MUST identify your GOAL and tailor your nutrition around it. Way too many people, both young and old, find themselves flip flopping from eating to gain muscle, to eating to lose fat. One day you feel small and decide you need to bulk up, and then two days later your belly is bloated because you ate too many PB & J sandwiches and you decide it's time to shed some beef. All too true of life in general and also why most people never create the life of their dreams.

Never lose focus of the goal. Never chase two goals at once.

Having two dichotomous (i.e., competing) goals is the best way to never get anywhere in life. For instance, wanting to get big and shredded at the same time. YES, you can get bigger and keep the same level of bodyfat or even lose a little fat, but no one is gaining appreciable amounts of muscle and getting shredded at the same time. Science just doesn't allow it (sorry to burst some bubbles).

Don't get me wrong: as I said, you might put on weight and lose a little fat if your training is perfectly planned out and all your meals are weighed and counted. For MOST of you, Ben and I included, this is just not possible 90% of the time.

If you're like me, having a precise understanding of ALL the nutrition information out there is almost impossible, but you still want a very accurate guideline to make your own decisions on the fly and get INCREDIBLE results along the way.

Introducing: Growtime Meals, Shred Meals, Recovery Meals & Freebie Meals

Maximizing the muscle-to-fat ratio comes down to building your day around three types of meals:

1) Growtime Meals are dedicated to maximizing protein synthesis (Growth!) and preventing muscle breakdown.

These are your ALL OUT growth meals, combining a balance of protein and carbs with a small amount of fat to maximize anabolism and recovery from the hardcore grueling workouts you will be going through. Those of you concerned with gaining muscle mass, stick with a great percentage of Growtime meals. 5 of the 6 total for the day is recommended.

2) Shred Meals are dedicated to maximizing your fat-burning hormones, and maintaining maximum muscle mass.

These meals are for those people who tend to store more fat but still want to build muscle, or for those that simply want to get peeled. High amounts of protein (60% or greater of calories), lots of veggies, and some healthy fats. These meals will keep you growing and recovering without the insulin spikes that cause many people to gain unwanted fat. Always meal 1 and 6 for people over 12% bodyfat. Also a good idea pre workout with a little less fat for optimizing body composition and workout neural drive.

3) Recovery Meals are used to reduce muscle soreness, rebuild your muscle tissue and shut down inflammation.

True recovery meals consist of low glycemic carbohydrates (veggies/lentils/oats) and a lean protein source. It's a good idea to add in a little extra liquid greens or chlorophyll for additional detoxing and alkalinizing.

4) Freebie Meals are a fun tool to prevent you don't abandon your social life and still learn how to incorporate your favorite foods without guilt. EARN these! They are best utilized after very hard workout days or multiple workouts in one day.

Final Words

Now you KNOW what's preventing you from experiencing COLOSSAL gains in size and strength 365 days a year along with the 3 solutions to overcome those problems. As you can see, it's ALL about relying on SCIENCE and STRATEGY and putting all the pieces together in a skillfully balanced, progressive and organized way that makes a HUGE difference versus simply "winging it".

Are you pumped to start exploding new muscle off your frame and building a body that demands respect and turns heads 365 days a year? We're going to be making you an offer you can't refuse (what we're doing is unheard of in the fitness industry), and because we appreciate you signing up for the 6 Forgotten Factors Free Report, you'll be the first notified and HOOKED UP come launch day :-)

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