Exclusive VIP Update #3

The 5 Problems KILLING Your Muscle Gains…

If you're interested in transforming your average physique into an astonishing physique then you're going want to read each and every word on this page. This info will resonate regardless of your age, fitness level, sex, goals or genetics. Once you're done, let us know the #1 problem that resonated with you in the comments below.  Let's do this... 

Problem #1: Searching for more tricks & tips… i.e. being a victim of the shiny red ball syndrome

Whenever you discover the latest trick or tip, it’s exciting. No doubt! It sparks a newfound motivation. You’re excited. You see some quick results but the results are short lived, the initial excitement wears off and you’re left wanting more! We call this the shiny red ball syndrome. 

Anything new is great—at first. You’re motivated, it’s different, you’re intrigued to see what might come of it, and then all the excitement wears off and you’re left with the same old crappy dull red ball you had before. Sounds a bit exaggerated but ultimately it’s true. We all love the newest shiny red ball, but before long it’s not so shiny, it’s not so cool, and then we want a newer ball.

However, seeking out the shiny red ball is not uncommon; it’s HUMAN NATURE! 

Everyone gets excited about the newest thing, including us. You’re not a bad person if you notice your emotions running high over the big red shiny ball. In fact, in creating an OPTIMAL MUSCLE BUILDING PROGRAM, we can use our love for the shiny red ball to our advantage!  In the next update, you’ll learn how to embrace your own human nature instead of fighting it, so you can ignite your biggest muscle gains to date. 

Problem #2: Consuming more and more information...

This leads to information overload. Let’s admit it: although the Internet has helped millions, it has also confused the living daylights out of millions!  Can you relate? For some, more information helps but for most, it fails. You don’t need more information! Here are three reasons seeking more information can kill your muscle gains:

i) the ripped bodybuilder in the mags or on YouTube is actually clueless!

Here’s the problem: the Internet has no “gatekeepers”. Anyone with an Internet connection, heartbeat and a set of abs can become an “expert” overnight. It's no mystery that many of the top pro bodybuilders and fitness models have the worst technique in the world. Why they train the way they do, or how to improve from year to year is as much a mystery to them as it is to us. This is why you see so many bodybuilders achieve their genetic potential at a very young age and then disappear off the face of the planet. 

Many of the top bodybuilders show up year after year after year looking exactly the same, never improving weaknesses or putting on any muscle at all. The only variance is whether they were able to not cheat on their diet this year and get into great shape or not. As for the fitness models, when was the last time you saw them overweight or out of shape? Never! Why? Most of them had shredded abs before the doctor separated them from the umbilical cord!

ii) too many chefs in the kitchen!  

Taking advice from too many fitness experts at once is a recipe for mediocrity.   You fail to stay focused on one thing and constantly second guess yourself. Without being 100% certain in what you’re doing, you’ll fail to put forth a 100% effort. 

iii) learning less and less about more and more! 

If all you're looking for are some tips, you don’t need us!  Heck, you don’t need anybody! Go to Google and type in “muscle building tips” and within 0.23 seconds you’ll have 12,300,000 search results! Have fun organizing all the tips into one logical, balanced and progressive plan though… 

The true definition of learning is behavioral change. If you don’t have anything to show for the “muscle building tips”, by definition you haven’t learned anything, you’ve just gained head knowledge! The key to learning is focusing only on the very next step. 

Problem #3: Lifting to impress and thinking you need to train harder

When it comes to picking weights, I'm 100% confident that most people select their loads based upon on what impact it will have on those watching, not what impact it will have on the body!

People go to the gym for 10 seconds of glory but when they head to the beach and take their shirt off, they go unnoticed! That's why they go around telling everybody how much they bench, because no one can tell! Sad story. Here's an even sadder one...

I can't tell you how often I've been asked to spot a guy on bench press. I look at the weight on the bar and shake my head. I ask how many reps he's going for and he says 6. I end up deadlifting 4 and ½ of them! Has this ever happened to you?! Hopefully you're not the guy under the bar! 99% of guys go to the gym to train their egos, not their muscles. That's why they look the same month to month.

On the flip side, some guys are obsessed with just training hard. They expose their body to every possible "shocking" method in existence. Short workouts. Long workouts. Double day workouts. They train to failure, fight for every last rep and never miss a workout. They are easily the hardest working guy (or gal) in the gym. The only problem? It's hardly obvious.

If this is you I can imagine you're sick and tired of busting your ass in the gym 6x a week only to find you're the same size as last month. It sucks, right? Unfortunately, training harder often turns catabolic instead of anabolic so you begin looking smaller and weaker, and in some cases, legitimately overtrained. It's no doubt, 99% of guys deserve a better body considering how hard they train. Tomorrow we'll learn how to apply logical progression and variation so your efforts never go unnoticed again.

Problem #4: Not knowing what to logically do next…

Once you successfully complete one program, what do you do next? What is the next best program to keep growing?  Selecting the “wrong” program next can actually result in losing some of the gains you just made, enforcing imbalances on your physique and neglecting weak links on your body. There is always an optimal next program. In Hypertrophy M.A.X. we call them Phases. 

Working hard is, no doubt, a critical part of your success, but the key is to be working hard in the right direction by manipulating the right muscle building variables: Here’s a small list of all the variables you must skillfully organize, balance and progress over the course of 6-12 months:

number of reps, number of sets, rest intervals, load, training frequency, training duration, lifting speed, exercise selection, order of exercise selection, pairing of exercises, pairing of body parts etc

Once you limit just one variable, a plateau is inevitable. The good news is that you don’t need to know how to manipulate those variables—that’s our job!  


Problem #5: Not knowing what goal you're REALLY after…

Does this sound familiar…."I want to get huge and ripped at the same time?" Cool, we all want to get huge and ripped at the same time. The fact of the matter is YES, it IS possible to grow and get lean at the same time… but it's very HARD! You need a very specific plan, meticulous attention to detail and a superhuman ability to work hard.

The real issue with wanting to do both at the same time is you end up taking 2 steps forward and 2 steps back because one day your brain is focused on GROWING, then the next day you think you're getting fat so you focus on losing weight. We hear this all too often. It's very hard to chase two goals at once UNLESS you have a brilliant plan mapped out.

Were going to teach you exactly how to create your MAP with Hypertrophy M.A.X.!

Chasing two goals at once often results in the classic Skinny Fat Guy Syndrome. On top of being unclear about your goals, here are two other reasons it happens:

i) your training intensity is insufficient so you get fat. Let's put it this way: you're eating like BPak, but you're not training has hard as BPak! Result? Skinny Fat! The only reason certain pro bodybuilders and fitness models can eat so much food is because they earned those calories via their sufficiently intense workouts. They work so hard their body truly needs that amount of fuel.

ii) you're training hard but eating like a girl. Let's spin this the other way now. Most guys are simply undernourished. Almost 9 out of 10 times I'll bet my 110 pound wife eats more than the 200 pound male who's complaining about not growing!

If you ever want to showcase a head-turning physique, stop being fearful of food or gaining an ounce of fat. Food gives you fuel to train hard! The harder you train the more muscle you build. The more muscle you build the more fat that you burn off. It's a great cycle! Don't worry, we'll show you the optimal way to gain size without getting fat in the process. It's actually very easy.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update, because we're going to officially let the cat out of the bag and reveal the most evolutionary approach to building muscle in years.

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Enjoy the content, and we'll be back tomorrow with an update you're absolutely not going to want to miss.

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